Lola Jiblazee is a NY-based artist from Tbilisi, Georgia. She uses acrylic, aerosol paint, oil and mixed media materials to create her art. Before leaving her native country a decade ago, Jiblazee worked as a journalist. Influenced in her formative years by strong female role models during Georgia's Civil War, Lola developed a passion to echo their empowerment of women. Her involvement in the art scenes of Brooklyn and Manhattan's Lower East Side reflects her commitment.

Her creation of the “Hermerica” flag in 2016 was hailed on Orchard Street as a sign of resistance. Its bold outline of female breasts is widely recognized and has led to the creation of two other objets d'art: “Hermerica” skin tones and “Hermerica” rainbow colors which were recently selected as finalists by the Beacon Sacramento public art project.

Lola recently participated in “CENTENNIAL: She” curated by GCCA and the New York State Museum and Patricia Field’s “ArtFashion.” Recent exhibitions include group show ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE at The Untitled Space and FRIDA KAHLO HOUSE in Miami during Art Basel 2019.